The SkipTrie: Low-Depth Concurrent Search without Rebalancing

Rotem Oshman and Nir Shavit

Abstract: To date, all concurrent search structures that can support predecessor queries have had depth logarithmic in m, the number of elements. This paper introduces the SkipTrie, a new concurrent search structure supporting predecessor queries in amortized
expected O(log log u + c) steps, insertions and deletions in O(c log log u), and using O(m) space, where u is the size of the key space and c is the contention during the recent past.
The SkipTrie is a probabilistically-balanced version of a y-fast trie consisting of a very shallow skiplist from which randomly chosen elements are inserted into a hash-table based x-fast trie. By inserting keys into the x-fast-trie probabilistically, we eliminate the need for rebalancing, and can provide a lock-free linearizable implementation. To the best of our knowledge, our proof of the amortized expected performance of the SkipTrie is
the first such proof for a tree-based data structure.

Guests: Rotem Oshman and Nir Shavit
Host: Stefan Schmid

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